Lightning Coma

by Jesse Barki



Writing music is a daily occurrence, playing into my routine meditation sessions. I love experimenting with blending different instruments together, combining old and new to create "now", to create this very moment. Awareness and present thought is a large part of who I am, trying to live day by day, while along the way figuring out more about myself and my surroundings, environment, and overall life around me. "Lightning Coma" is my equilibrium to get through the day, literally the lightning represents my love for a good cup of coffee and the coma is the sedation from my anxiety medication. The two in tangent place me right where I want to be, making me feel as good as I can feel, while at the same time insinuating the reality that I'm not content or stable enough to live without a crutch. I've always grown up questioning my relationships with friends, family, my community around me, and my society as a whole, leading me to not always agree with everybody and propelling me in directions in my life that I never thought I'd go. A chain reaction of these events have lead me to where I am today, an apartment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where I constantly question every decision I've ever made up until this very moment. Do I regret what I have become? Do I regret being where I am? Do I regret anything? My past is floating above me, a cloud of pollution that i can look up at but can't touch. I can morph it any which way I'd like with my will power. I can change its shape, but i can't change its content, so I make it look good in order to have something good propelling me forward through my present and into my future. Each and every day I am one step closer to fully loving myself so that I can finally, fully love everyone else.


released February 17, 2017

Cory Paternoster-drumz
Eliza Shillieto-vox



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Jesse Barki Annville, Pennsylvania

I make music in Lancaster, PA.

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