Never Felt Better {EP}

by Jesse Barki



Recorded during the summer following my freshman year of college, this is a 5-song EP that is much more band-oriented than most of my normal material. It was available for download on Purevolume for a while, but since then, I have remastered it, and it is much more car-speaker friendly, along with other mediums that it sounds much clearer through. Please enjoy and support me!


released July 22, 2012

Evan Flemmin' BUCK on percush, thanks pal



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Jesse Barki Annville, Pennsylvania

I make music in Lancaster, PA.

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Track Name: All My Fears and All My Friends
I persevere, I push along, my head's in pain, the pressure's insane, I'm in another world, the light's in my eyes, I'm caught by surprise, I'm feeling numb, from head to my thumbs, I feel absent at best, but I'm getting better faster, I might be okay... All my fears have gone away, and they'll never come back. All my friends are here to stay, and we'll all be okay...The phone's ringing loud, anonymous calls, is my fate calling me, I think I might fall, I feel empty-handed, but I'm not afraid, I see the dead end, but that doesn't mean that's what lies ahead, I'll let life take its course. I'm replenished, mortal again, I exist in life.
Track Name: I'm an Earth Sign
We belong on the ground to be satisfied, the growth that comes from within is the earth on the outside. We're nothing more than plants that walk the earth. Air is invisibly important to me, it allows our brains to control the things that we see, and how I feel, according to the breeze. I'd never smoke again, I've learned a lot since then, I've changed my views, it's over-swelling news that you can relate, but never break my fate, no, it's new, and so is my thought that we're the universe, it made us what we kno-o-o-o-ow. The water's getting so dense, I'm starting to float. I'm drowning in all of my words, at least that's what i wrote. the words are made of tears my friends have cried. PLEASE EXTINGUISH MY RAGE, I THINK I'M ON FIREEE!!!!! THIS BURNING ESSENCE OF FEAR MAY NEVERRR EXPIREEEEEE. The flames are tall, but so am I, I might make an escaaaaape. I'd never smoke again, I've learned a lot since then, I've changed my views, it's over-swelling news, that you can relate, but never break my fate, NO. It's new, and so's my thought that we're the universe, it made us what we kno-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ow we'll never kno-o-o-o-o-o-o-ow.
Track Name: Son Searching Sun
Matter's in my hands, an energetic body made of dust like this that came from somewhere else, we're all just the same, composites of the earth that brought us back to life from what we were before. I'm a son, my father lives just like me, a human being. I search sun, the light that binds me, to the earth's ambience. Space is no escape, it doesn't have a form that can be recognized, what can it comprise? Life's the same concept, but look at the accomplishments achieved by what controls our bodies. I'm a sun, my father lives just like me, a human being. I search sun, the light that binds me, to the earth's ambience. I've found thought to motivate me, to accept life right now. Let's explore the world that I adore, and object myself to be happy. I am just a sun, looking for my son to which I radiate my heat and light for him.
Track Name: Hollowbodied Porcelain Abstract
I thought that that's what you wanted. Is this what you wanted? You brought it upon yourself, it doesn't have to do with no one else. You will never know yourself as well as you think. These conclusions will bring you back, the end was written in ink.
I'm a hollowbodied porcelain abstract, I'm working overtime to win the hearts of others and that's a fact, fill myself with love that isn't mine, that's why i hurt because it's taken back all the time. I'm fragile I've been dropped one to many times, and when I shatter, it sounds like winchimes. Too bad the wind had nothing to do with it, I pushed myself off cuz i don't want to deal with this S#$%?!
Track Name: The Articulates
Head spun around, full on 360, you must be busy. Come take a load off, stop your complaining, it's your fault it's raining. I may not seem busy, but I'm always thinking, my mind's always racing. You're not even happy, your body's exhausted, you'll pay the cost, kid. But I'm sick of these kids, they think they're hot shit, but I swear that they're all the articulates.
What we believe in, changes with seasons for no real reason. It's not your decision cuz you will agree with whoever is talking. My thoughts postulate that behavior's innate, so I never can relate. I don't understand why people are clueless and can't choose a side. They can't think for themselves, they watch someone else, it's why they're a part of the articulates.
I was a leader, but you wouldn't follow, your body was hollow. I made decisions, you questioned the answers, you unappreciator. You gotta give in, sometimes compromising, solve all our problems. Accept the whole situation, and not just the parts that make you feel better. You're stubborn as hell, won't accept nothing else, congrats to you, you're an articulate.
You act younger, similar to a child; a child who's love was bad and ambition was mild. You're lacking judgement, specifically consideration. The doctor can't help you, he shouted send in the next patient. You tear me apart, I can't stand who you are, it bothers me, you're one of the articulates.